I would like to invite you to the next Laidback Bike Report, which usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month. The time varies, of course, depending on where in the world you follow us.

Anyway, today’s topic is going to be very interesting, because the main segment will be an interview with Fabrizio Cross about the new evolution of the Electrom that he is slowly starting to produce. I met Fabrizio a year ago, I rode the Electrom and it was a very interesting experience! So make sure to watch today’s show!

Here’s an official invitation for today’s episode, in which I’ll have my news report as well.

Tig Cross has been working on the Electrom for almost 8 years. Now in limited production he hopes to one day make his dream of a 2 wheeled light electric recumbent come true. He believes this bike has advantages that will make it a true “car replacement” option in the future.

Our own Larry Seidman participated in two senior games events last month. He was excited to see some other recumbent riders at the Huntsman Senior Games in Utah and the Nevada Senior Games as well. He tells us about the events, venues and the racers involved making it clear that more of us should join in the fun.

Sports Director Denny Voorhees is back with a report on a couple of interesting endurance races including the Natchez Trace 444. Our pal Larry Oslund features prominently in this report along with a few other bent racers.