Dear business owners,
I bring you the first opportunity to promote your company on It is currently the only worldwide website that regularly reports on events in the world of bicycles. I don’t shoot vlogs, I don’t take photos on Instagram, I don’t just write about myself. I try to bring quality textual and pictorial information from our industry, which will be easily traceable even in a few years.

More information about my reasons for starting this magazine can be found on the “About” page.

The individual offers are intended for all of you who do business in the world of recumbent bicycles, as well as for dealers or manufacturers only. You can combine these offers, of course. This way you can choose how much you will support the development of the only really functioning recumbent magazine in the world.

Until the end of 2020, I offer a 50% discount from the following prices.


Space for 6 logos visibly placed in the footer of the web are linked to the web of the business with special care to improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your web page. Our Greatest Partners will be promoted as companies supporting the worldwide recumbent community. All 6 logos with links will be part of every newsletter sent informing about every new article on the The logos are currently under the news in the newsletter, but as soon as funds allow me to finance the paid version of Mailchimp, they will be vertically parallel to the news feed and will be much more visible with even greater impact.

Standard price: 800 USD / year per one logo

Classic web banner which is known from other internet magazines or from (there is a smaller size on BROL). On the the Leaderboard is 728×90 pixels and is placed above every article’s title and also under Featured Article on the main page. Your advert will be linked to your web page as well and will rotate with other banners of other advertisers. Every new upload of a site will bring a new advert. The number of advertisers is currently unlimited. A simple graphic can be prepared free of charge.

Standard price: 300 USD / year


This promotion is for all recumbent related manufacturers.

During Fall 2020 I will prepare a comprehensive overview of manufacturers of two-wheelers, trikes, quads, velomobiles, recumbent accessories, and components. Your company can be promoted on these lists as well.


If a company doesn’t purchase any promotion, only a simple link to a company’s web will be shown. I plan to publish as many companies as possible to provide really comprehensive information to my readers. 

A logo of the manufacturer will be shown together with a link, e-mail, and phone number plus a short description. 
Standard price: 300 USD / year

Everything from the BASIC level plus longer description plus some product photos. Also, a dedicated category will be created for your brand incl. logo, description, and link to your web plus all the related posts. 
Standard price: 600 USD / year



Advertisement options specially prepared for dealers will come after enough funds are secured to create a world list of recumbent bike dealers. Until that time you can use one of the general options like the “Greatest Partner” or “Rotating Leaderboard”.