It is great to know you you have an amazing bike! We want to see it!



To submit your answers to my first set of questions start a new email, copy the questions into it and answer them. You can add any other information you feel is important. Photos have to be sent through some other service. I like to use It is very easy. Everything should be sent to

Thanks! Honza

let us know you rider!

Please, write us your name and model of the bike and also couple of or even many sentences about the way you have improved your bike. 

Owner’s name:
Bike model:
Tuning (what everything you have done to make the bike such an amazing machine):
Other special things: 
Why have you chosen this bike?
What do you like most on it?
What´s your favourite route you ride on this bike?

It would be great to get something about 10 photos related of the bike itself and also some rides. One with a bike and you would be great as well. We want to see people and their bikes! Also photo of your happy face after a ride (or before – that doesn’t really matter). If there is a good video, I would like to publish it as well. 

Thank you for everything! I will try to publish this article as soon as possible!

Thanks once again for sharing!