Manufacturer of recumbent trikes and bikes from Germany

Cruzbike’s performance recumbent bicycles are built to take you and your gear wherever you want to go, as far as you want to ride.

Cruzbike’s patented Dynamic Boom Front Wheel Drive system shares the stiff, efficient drive geometry of traditional road bikes and transforms performance cycling technology into an incredibly fun, liberating cycling experience. It also makes us the fastest-climbing recumbent in the world. This patented drive system not only frees us from the long, inefficient chains and special parts fixed-boom recumbents require, it links the upper and lower body across the drivetrain as it rotates around the axis of the head tube. This linkage allows Cruzbike riders to increase power when climbing or sprinting by engaging the upper body in much the same way professional cyclists do when they climb or sprint on traditional road bikes.

So if your adventures have been limited by saddle, back, neck or wrist pain and you’re not willing to sacrifice performance or safety for comfort, join us. When you get your Cruzbike, you’ll understand why we have the most fanatically loyal customers in the industry. We can’t wait to ride with you.

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