AZUB Origami


A recumbent like AZUB Origami will be very hard to find anywhere in the world. The long wheelbase and tuned geometry of the frame give it excellent riding properties both in slow pedalling through a city and in fast descents. You will also be pleased with the array of smart solutions there are, such as the possibility to secure the bike after folding, the integrated rack or the space under the seat to fit a specially designed triangular bag. Not to mention the folding system that turns the Origami into a small bag easily transported by car, train or even plane. In short, the Origami is just right for small spaces and it does not really matter whether you come across them while weaving through a city or looking into the boot of your car.

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Additional Info

Additional information


Main purpose


Wheel size-2


Seat position



Rider's max. weight (kg)


Motor options

Motor 1


E-assist max. speed



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