All it takes is one look at our Twin and it is perfectly clear that this bike will withstand even the harshest conditions. However, you will appreciate its main characteristics even on short trips. They include the low seating position of the front rider, two truly recumbent positions of both riders, as stiff frame contributing to the stability and safety of riding, and the sturdy folding mechanism. In our opinion, AZUB Twin is the best recumbent tandem in the world. In 2016, we have brought some improvements and the bike’s users are thrilled. Those who use it to race around on Florida’s cycle paths as well as those who have chosen it to travel around the world with. After all, riding in twos is fantastic. You experience every single detail together, share every experience, enjoy each descent and labour on each ascent, together experiencing the same feelings. Riding a tandem is about cooperation, harmony, sharing and about of two people living one dream.

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Additional information


Main purpose


Wheel size-2



Seat position



Rider's max. weight (kg)


Motor options

Motor 1


E-assist max. speed



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