89.59 mph / 144.17 km/h – World Speed Record!

Every time any record is broken and a new one is set it sounds amazing to me. What an achievement! If you haven’t read the story of the Aerovelo team, their Eta streamliner, Todd as a rider and their amazing effort to be the fastest team on the planet, here is the link to their complete 2016 story.

🎥 The fastest bike on the planet: Eta

Do you want to know more about the fastest bike on the planet? Just look at the video describing the Eta streamliner. A bike that is capable of cutting the air by 139.45 km/h or if you want 86.65 mph!

The first-ever Human-Powered Ornithopter flight

Anything coming from the Canadian Aerovelo team is always interesting. Just like their successful attempt of flying the first-ever Human-Powered Ornithopter called Snowbird. Don’t you know what’s that? It is an aircraft with flapping wings. Uh? Yeah!