It is great to know you would like to share some information about the trail you have ridden!

We really look forward to reading valuable information from you! TRAIL HUnTERS!



The community is looking for valuable and comprehensive information that they can use as a guide. Any recumbent related information is very welcomed! Please, think of two-wheeler riders / trikers / velonauts and those riding e-bikes. I prefer to share information about full-length experienced trails than just ridden pieces of a long trail. I hope you can understand it!

To submit your answers to my first set of questions start a new email, copy the questions into it and answer them. You can add any other information you feel is important. Photos have to be sent through some other service. I like to use It is very easy. Everything should be sent to

Thanks! Honza

Trail name:
Best time to visit:
How to get there:
Recumbent issues:
Description of the trail (longer text here, please)
Why should recumbent riders try it:
Tips for accommodation:
Trail Markers:
Official trail’s web:

Other good resources:

It would be great to get something between 10 to 20 photos from the tour. Also photo of your face. If there is a good video, I would like to publish it as well. And a MAP! Do you have any? On Google or just marked by hand in a paper map or digital? That would be awesome to add as people just love to see it.

Thank you for everything! I will try to publish this article as soon as possible!

Thanks once again for sharing!