Every time I got message from Megan and Roger from their epic journey over central Asia, I read it with big interest. They ride a quad which was built by Greenspeed and they ride it in pretty difficult conditions of China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazachstan etc. Read their next newslatter and look at their web page at where they have great pictures.

“Well its time again for another issue of Quikey’s travelogue. These past few weeks we have visited more schools in extremely remote villages, been stranded for a week due to huge winds and snow dumps, eaten horse intestine stuffed with horse fat, been questioned by the KNB (KGB), seen butter made in a sheeps stomach, seen instruments made from horses hooves, seen a Lenin submerged in snow, and seen many ancient rock carvings (Balbal’s) and petrogylphs. Our travels have brought us to Kyzlarai and Shabanbaibi, some of the most remote schools we have seen yet. As a result our primary goal now is to install GSM repeaters in each of these villages in order to provide them with some basic telephone contact with the outside world, and then from this, to provide them with USB modems to connect them to the internet. If anyone has any futher advice/suggestions on this, please let us know – we’re all ears. It seems that today, no matter how far away from cities you are, education always has a way of reaching, which is a heart warming thought. We have also been kindly donated numerous English learning resources from groups and companies in Australia, which we’re sure the children (and teachers) here will greatly appreciate. Anyway we’re still recovering from the week long blizzard, and have Nauvryz to prepare for in a few days time, so we’d best get some sleep! Thanks again to all the people who have kindly donated on our website, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

From Quikey, Roger, Megan, and all the Schools in Kazakhstan, happy Nauvryz”