In addition to velomobiles a prototype of the new quad called Pony4 appeared at the German HPV club booth. It is created in the cooperation of three companies that have been in the recumbent industry for a long time. These include the German Flevó and Velomo, as well as the Czech Katanga, which produces WAW velomobiles.

The Pony4 is a quad designed for all those who need a very stable bike and a higher seating position. If you significantly increase your seating on trikes, you lose stability, and this problem is solved by the fourth wheel.

The Pony4 has a chro-mo frame with several aluminum elements and a seat you might know from the Flevó Greenmachine recumbent. The most interesting detail is the suspension of all four wheels by means of transversely mounted composite leaf springs. A similar solution is used for example by the Leitra Velomobile, the well known AZUB Ti-FLY trike (it has titanium leaf springs) or the German Velomo.

Pony4 is expected to come into production in May next year.