Project introduction:
Conversion of upright folding bike to recumbent folding bike

Future of the project:
No future plans yet

Ideas belonging to it:
Azubu origami, brompton recumbent kit

Time spent on it:
About 6 weekends

Past experiences and similar projects:
I’m watching youtube, 3Dcad, welding, lathe

Project’s web:
None, just youtube

Builder’s CV Name:
Iljae Jeong

Year of birth:

Demolition man, sometime fixing demolition eqipment

Roadbike, mtb, smallwheel bike

Iljae Jeong from South Korea has converted a 20″ folding bike Dahon Boardwalk with steel frame, into a very nice and very compact folding recumbent. His inspiration was the AZUB Origami together with the recumbent conversion kit for the Brompton folder which was commercially available several years ago.

The idea started with cutting the round tube frame of the Dahon Boardwalk and adding a custom front part to it. Factory No. 4 has helped with this part.

To connect the Dahon frame with the newly manufactured front part of the frame, they have used widely available parts like the insert or the red-black handlebar motorbike clams. The motorbike clamps are used as a seat clamp as well.

The original seat clamp and clamp for tightening the frame parts together was made from a bike stem, but didn’t work very well.

Upper seat attachment was sourced from a standard seat post, clamp, and a Dahon adjustable handlebar post. Very clever idea!

The first ridable version still had a bare frame.

The final version of the folding recumbent converted from Dahon Boardwalk folding bike is a great looking bike with front suspension, low weight wheels and components, and even with the ability to carry a child. Good job Iljae! Iljae uses his bike when he needs to travel because of his work as a demolition man or he transport in the trunk of his family SUV.