German Hase bikes is known mainly for its semi-recumbent tandem and also for delta trikes. They have a unique benefit especially for handicapped fellow citizens, who become cyclists thanks to Hase cycles.

Recently, people in Waltrop has been striving to be more responsible to the environment and also to its employees. They started working with an organization called Zero Waste Your Life and are trying to optimize the number of products shipped in one container as well as other aspects of production.

At the same time, they contributed to a better working environment by creating a green office for the sales team. Have you ever seen a green living wall? And so many flowers in one office? I think everyone can easily imagine working in such a company.

Personally, I am glad that even recumbent companies begin to work on a better approach to the environment around us. That there is room to engage in similar projects. The more value it has because it is happening in such a challenging time as this year is.