If there were no Covid-19 many of us would meet each other at the annual Recumbent Cycle-Con this weekend. The plan was to organize it in Dayton, Ohio, but due to the situation we are all suffering from, it has been postponed twice already. RCC is the only recumbent show in the USA and is also one of the two such shows in the world, where the other one is the SPEZI show in Germany. You may know it as a Spezialradmesse as well. But because we have the next waves of coronavirus appearing worldwide right now, we have to rely on some online content once again. And I think it is good to look back so I bring you an excellent three-part video report by Travis Prebble from the first Recumbent Cycle-Con in Pomona, California in 2011.

Visiting the show in 2011 was part of my first trip to the USA, and I tend to think these two shows near LA in 2011 and 2013 were the best in history. With a sunny mood and a new developing atmosphere. Charles Coyne has done a great job organizing it, and we all should appreciate the effort he invested in all the shows which came later. I also have to thank him for supporting the RECUMBENT.news project and being a member of the GREATEST PARTNERS community. You can watch him speaking about the show in the very last video.