HASE BIKES has introduced several new accessories for the next year and all of them are well thought out and moving the quality of functionality bar of recumbent accessories higher again. I especially like the fully adjustable headrest mainly because the word “fully” means more “fully” than you would expect. Congratulation, HASE! Good job!

Here is their press-release:
The year 2021 was devoted entirely to the new PINO. For the upcoming season, HASE BIKES’ design team turned its attention to accessories. The underlying theme of these new products is safety and comfort. 

One of a kind: the adjustable Headrest
HASE BIKES’ new Headrest is not only height adjustable: it can also be folded into a compact neck support. When folded out, the two side wings offer additional side support. As a neck support, the Headrest is particularly practical and comfortable for helmet wearers. It is mounted to the back of the recumbent seat, which makes it compatible with all HASE BIKES models.

Both practical and attractive: bags for trikes and the PINO
The new Seatback Bag is like a weatherproof glove compartment for the PINO, and also fits to trikes. Thanks to its Fidlock magnetic fastener, it can be quickly and securely attached to the back of the recumbent seat in a single step. After the ride, it can be just as easily removed and worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag. With a capacity of over 5 liters, it is roomy and nevertheless easy to carry. Great details: The inside pockets and compartments with closures can be used for organizing the contents of the bag, and a mesh material along the edges prevents objects from falling out. This makes it possible for the rear rider of the PINO to easily access the bag, even when riding at normal speeds. 

The two smaller Seat Bags are mounted to the left and right sides of the recumbent seat, which make them easy to access while riding other HASE BIKES models. With a total volume of 4.4 liters, they can hold important items, like phones, keys, and granola bars, within easy reach. 

New Turn Signal System for more visibility in traffic
The redesigned HASE BIKES Turn Signal System features a hazard-light function and provides the rider with a visual and acoustic signal when blinking. The system is battery operated and can be mounted to the back of the recumbent seat. The two control buttons are attached to the handlebar grips – either one button on each side or both buttons on a single grip.

Headrest and Signal System: beginning of next year
The new bags, Seatbags and Seatback Bag: June 2022