We can hardly call 2021 a calm year. Bad news related to the global pandemic has hit us from all sides, and many restrictions were around. However, I have had several reasons to rejoice because my little baby (understand RECUMBENT.news) has been growing bigger and bigger. That is why I would like to share my joy and little statistics with you.

During 2021

  • I have written 110 articles
  • More than 65,000 visitors viewed the magazine
  • They visited over 172,000 pages
  • Almost 1000 subscribers make me happy as well

Since I launched the magazine in May 2020, I can’t compare the whole of 2021 with 2020. It would be unfair. But suppose I limit myself to the period from May 2021 to the end of the year and compare it with the previous year. In such a case, it turns out that traffic has increased by almost 90%. One reason is undoubtedly Google indexing many of my articles and often rates them very well. Another one is you, my loyal readers, following the RECUMBENT.news regularly, enjoying the content and encouraging me to write even more and even better.

I was also delighted with the launch of the recumbent catalog. It has been commented on very positively by so many of you. Making it cost me a lot of effort, and further improvements are also on the horizon. Premium Members can look forward to links from each model directly to its page on the manufacturer’s website. I am also working on another important project that is currently unparalleled in the world of recumbent bikes.

And just like last year, I wish you:

“More miles, more smiles in 2022!”

Honza Galla
chief editor

Honza Galla - chief editor of RECUMBENTnews