[UPDATE] I have received an information that there has been 65 Snoeks on order, out of which 15 has been delivered already.

Snoek was definitely the most significant novelty in the world of velomobiles last year. An extremely efficient machine, which is now getting to its first customers. Initially, it was supposed to be just a racing velo built for Eva Jacobs, the wife of the co-owner of Velomobiel.nl Allert Jacobs. With her height of 165 cm / 5′ 5″ all other models from their production are far too large for her. However, the feedback from the public was great, so the production of a limited series was a plan at one moment. It would not be produced at the Romanian Velomobile World but directly at the Dutch headquarters. In the end, they decided to start the standard serial production. 13 riders already have their Snoeks, and at least 9 more are on orders.

You could read the first article about Snoek on RECUMBENT.news in September 2020, and it was called Is this the fastest velomobile? And although the Matthias König won the World Championship in the Snoek, this question still hangs in the air and is more than controversial.

John from the Velo-Ads in London also ordered his personal Snoek. An informative video was produced again in collaboration with my favorite, Stewart from Bikefix. And if you like the Snoek, I’m adding a few more videos from its development, including one about rear-view mirrors. It’s hard to believe how much thoughts and invention can be hidden in such a trifle. But it is this emphasis on detail that makes Velomobiel.nl one of the best velomobile brands today.