Under normal circumstances, the 27th SPEZI would take place last weekend. However, COVID has already issued three stop signs for this fantastic event. With sadness in my soul, I started playing videos from past SPEZIs, which I found on Youtube. At one point, an idea to find the oldest one dedicated to the SPEZI popped up in my mind. But I came across a small problem that we are little aware of today. Youtube is a standard part of our digital lives, just like Facebook or Google. But Google was founded in 1998 and Facebook in 2004. That means not so long ago. Youtube saw the light of day, or better to say “internet wires,” even a year later, on February 14th, 2005, and it took some time before it became a global phenomenon.

That said, the first interesting-enough series of videos from the SPEZI is from 2005 and was not published until 2009. You can find it on the Youtube channel of the Spezialradmesse itself. I think that it nicely documents the diversity of exhibited vehicles as well as the appearance of the videos from 2009 respectively 2005. It’s a pity that no technology would continuously edit older videos so that we can still view them nicely on our screens. If I remember correctly, those videos could be watched normally before, while today it is quite a misery.


And finally, a short video, which in my search is the oldest SPEZI video, that can be found on Youtube. It comes from 2004 although published in 2007. Plus, the first uploaded video dedicated to SPEZI.

Deep in AZUB archive, I could find several shots from 2003, but there is hardly anything to see. Just a blurry small cyclist riding on blurry something underneath him 🙂 Still, as it is only 3,1MB I add it as a last video here. If you have even older one, send it please, to contact@recumbent.news. I am very interested in watching it or possibly also publishing it. Thanks!