Stefano Bonazzoli, the owner of Italian recumbent dealership Slyway, is organizing a series of interesting webinars. The first one starts today at 9 pm CET (Central European Time). Slyway was a producer of great-looking highracer-style recumbents and Stefano is still seeking a way to restart the production. He is also a keen and strong cyclist who is able to successfully compete with upright road cyclists. So join his webinar about recumbent racing, training, and traveling as well. He is what he tells about the webinar.

You are all invited to my first webinar Travel Training Racing. These are some of the topics we will talk about:


seat and bracket position, seat angle, handlebar position, lever and shifters position, optimum cranks length, the right cadence

Safety rides
rear view mirror, position, and communication avoid obstacles

Riding uphill

riding in hairpin bends, the wheel-heel problem

Riding downhill

the best trajectories, relax yourself, creative visualization

Riding on wet roads

the first drops, stopping space, tyre pressure


food before during and after ride, breathing, impression from the environment, music


what, when, and how much to eat

Potential development

training alone or training with friends, recovery techniques

Endurance training, interval training, high altitude training, and other advanced training techniques…

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