Of course, this article isn’t about recumbents, but I believe it is important. To understand what everything Mike Burrows has achieved and what that has meant for the recumbent community, you should know more about this bike. The idea for the Lotus 108 actually came from the world of HPV racing, where aerodynamics was a key factor and composites were already a pretty common material.

Here are four carefully selected videos that will tell you the story. That will give you some perspective and finally also the amazing feeling of watching a video from 1992 of Chris Boardman winning the 4 000m race at the Barcelona Olympics in an epic race in which he even overtook world champion Jens Lehmann by half a lap. It just gives you goosebumps. However, the most interesting is the second video. The documentary about the development of the Lotus 108 incl. a bit of Mike Burrows’s childhood and background.