This is another edition of 🎥 Sunday video series.

Next Laidback Bike Report is around the corner, or better to say today afternoon/evening/tommorow morning based on where are you located. Read here what can you expect from it.

Can InnerTuba pull off his most ambitious tour to date? Our pal Jon Hodkin has been planning to ride the length of the Mississippi south to north since his last American tour. That was his triumphant ride across Iowa during RAGBRAI in 2019. We catch up with Jon in Cornwall, England at the ICE Trike facility and chat with he and ICE’s Patrick Selwood about the tour, ICE’s support for him and the kit he will use to accomplish his goals.

Next we have the co-directors of the World Human Powered Speed Challenge Al and Alice Krause talking all about the details of the upcoming race at Battle Mountain. We learn about the history, rules, track, timing, launch and catch of the event. We also find out about those famous hats given as trophies.

Heiko Truppel from HP Velotechnik shows us their latest electric version of their two wheeled bent known as the Speedmachine. He also shows us the electric updates recently added to the Scorpion and Gekko trikes.

Larry Seidman interviews Paralyzed Veteran of America rider Paul Kilgore about an off-roading race in Crested Butte, Colorado last month. The ADAPTIVE MOUNTAIN BIKING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is a grueling 3 day event with many trikers and hand cyclists having overcome many obstacles before and after the days of racing.

Honza shares the recumbent news with us including the death of the legendary Mike Burrows.