Another episode of the Laidback Bike Report will be broadcasted today. This time mainly about very controversial topic. Read more from Gary Solomon.

Ever since the UCI banned recumbents from their races the controversy about the fastest bike configuration has raged. Ron Thompson is a mechanical engineer who has devoted considerable time working on this issue. He has designed, built and raced the Generation 4 (G4) recumbent bike. This work has encouraged him to conduct a scientific speed trial of 10 bike configurations both bent and upright to determine what can be learned about their inherent benefits and drawbacks.

I was contacted by Jared Parseghian about his company Parbikes. They sell side-by-side recumbent tandem quadricycles. He invited my wife and me up to Toledo, Ohio for a look and a quick test ride on a beautiful autumn morning. We are veteran bent tandem riders but this was our first time pedaling right next to one another.

Nina Paley was our guest at the LBR booth at Cycle-Con 2022. She took advantage by test riding everything she could get seat time on. Denny Voorhees grabbed a trike and our 360 camera to accompany her on Friday afternoon. Nina gives us her thoughts about riding the Carver Ti-Glide, Steintrike Wild One and the HASE Kettwiesel.

Lastly, we have a viewer submission from Shawn Greener a US military vet. We see excerpts of his YouTube video from the Honor the Warriors annual ride in Charlotte, NC.