In a time when you can quickly post a photo on Facebook, upload a video to Youtube and write a blog post and have it publicly available within few minutes, having all the maps on your fingertips and all that from your smart phone, it is a bit difficult to imagine touring on a bicycle 30 years ago. With only paper maps and limited availability of phone calls. Writing an article? No, not really. Calling somebody from a road? No, not really. Having a computer with you? No, not really. Still, a bike was equipped with the advanced technology of its time. The Behemoth was built by Steven Roberts in 1991. BTW: Behemoth stands for “Big Electronic Human Energised Machine, Only Too Heavy”. And it was really a bit heavy, considering it had no electric assist. The weight was 263 kg / 580 lbs.

Many of you have seen this bike, maybe even read about it. Still, I have found a very informative in-depth article about it on by known bike traveler Alee Denham, and my friend Matt Galat visited Steven a few weeks ago and did a great vlog from his visit as well. So this is the next episode of the Sunday video series that you can enjoy.


And one original video from Discovery Channel from 1996.