Watch another episode of the Laidback Bike Report by Gary Solomon and his team.

Here is a summary of what you can expect:
South African Border War veteran Stan Potgieter suffered severe injuries both physical and psychological in the 1980s. He has struggled ever since to regain the promise of a healthy and settled life. Stan talks to us about his continuing attempts to overcome PTSD as well as leg and back problems. He is now doing so by riding a custom trike derived from a friend’s idea for a motorized golf trike called the Tadhole. Stan is dreaming big as he hopes to join in a ride with veterans in America from coast to coast raising awareness of veterans issues everywhere. Travels by Trike’s Sylvia Halpern is back with us to lay out the details of her impending solo trike ride across the USA with a newly updated Myrtle. She is joined by Heiko Truppel from HP Velotechnik in Germany to talk about their support for her including a new frame for Myrtle. We’ll find out how you can follow her intrepid journey and even join her ride when she comes to your town. Terracycle has long been known and loved as a quality supplier of accessories for recumbent bikes and trikes. Pat Franz has been the face and is the founder of the company since the mid 90s. He recently announced his retirement and the transition of the company’s leadership to the younger but well experienced crew members Quintin Pruett and Caz Covert-Keefe. We sit down with all three of them and talk about the past, present and future of this venerable organization.