Here is an invitation to another Laidback Bike Report by Gary Solomon and his crew, incl. me. It is also part of my Sunday video series of carefully picked recumbent-related videos.

In this episode, we’re joined by Ron Thompson, Jon Hodkin, and the guys from Wolf and Wolf to discuss the G4 Racer, the Innertuba project, Spezi 2023, and the latest

Ron Thompson is a recumbent bicycle engineer/designer who believes a low profile arm power assisted front wheel drive bike can transform human-powered racing. His G4 Racer headlines a line of two-wheeled bents he intends to bring to market.

Jon Hodkin is bringing his Innertuba project back to America this spring with an ambitious trike and tuba trailer tour up the entire length of the Mississippi River. He has found a friend in recumbent advocate Nick White who is helping him find gigs with school bands and professional bands all along the way. With logistical help from Pat Franz of TerraCycle and Dave Hendricks from Connecticut Yankee Pedaller this is shaping up to be an epic journey.

The guys from Wolf and Wolf are now in charge of Spezi, the highly regarded “special bike” event. They talk about all the changes and what you need to know if you plan to attend this celebration of bikes, trikes, velomobiles and all sorts of innovation on wheels.

Honza will also join us with all the latest of the month.

This is a must-watch episode for anyone interested in recumbent bicycles, human-powered racing, or innovative transportation.