For the second time, the North American recumbent bike show Cycle-Con was organized by the folks at WizWheelz, who acquired it from the original owner in 2022. And for this year, they moved it 20 miles west of Dayton, where it was held last year. So we all gathered in Xenia, OH, in middle September, and there were definitely not a few of us. The hall, although relatively small, was stuffed to bursting, especially on Saturday, and unlike last year, the show floor was pretty lively on Sunday as well. Friday was traditionally reserved for the recumbent professional public, especially for dealers.

The weather was beautiful, and the size of the fairground allowed the organizers to arrange a long test circuit, including a gravel section. So it is no wonder that people were test riding and test riding. And there were also rides. Two of them officially organized. One on Saturday afternoon, sponsored by Greenspeed, and one on Sunday morning, sponsored by AZUB and led by Matt Galat, who you know thanks to his YouTube channel JaYoe Nation. However, there were also unofficially organized rides in the week before and after the expo, and many people stayed in the area for several days, taking advantage of the extensive network of good, long bike trails and the campground right on the fairgrounds. After all, Xenia, OH, is known as a hub of bike trails.

Let’s take a look at what it was like at Cycle-Con this year in a short video and a photo report. If I have to make it short, it was amazing, the organizers deserve a big thank you, and if you were not there this year and will have the opportunity next year, I highly recommend you to come and experience the great atmosphere!

Note: I took many of the photos during the Friday pro day, when there were far fewer people in the hall than on Saturday and Sunday. You can find captions for each photo by clicking on the photo in the gallery.