The EuSupino is an annual magazine of the EHPVA – European Human Powered Vehicle Association. What does that name mean? EuSupino? Eu stands for ‘European’ but is also Greek for ‘good’, as in euphoria. Supino is Italian for the supine position (lying on your back). For some cyclists, EU may have the meaning of the European Union, but please consider EU as a reference to our continent.

The 2023 edition is now available for download. It’s actually a retrospective look at the past year. Some of the articles may seem slightly outdated, such as the overview of the velomobile news, which is already from February 2023, but otherwise it’s all more than interesting stuff. Lots of stories, lots of racing, interesting tech articles. In short, an insight into European recumbent scene in 2023.

It is a great source of information as same as the previous five issues. They are all worth downloading and reading them.