Ten to fifteen years ago, when you visited countries like the Czech Republic or Poland for a recumbent bike meeting, most of the bikes there were built at home in the garage. Even at the world-known SPEZI, there were many DIY recumbent bikes parked around the “exhibition area”. Not so much today. Both in Eastern European countries and at SPEZI, most of the bikes of visitors and participants are already professionally made and purchased from a shop somewhere. Honor the exceptions!

The reason is probably simple. The recumbent world has turned towards trikes, and building a well-riding trike is considerably more difficult than building a well-riding two-wheeler. That’s why it’s great to see that there are still those who take the plunge to build their own bike. Bikes that they continue to improve and make it better for their own purpose. In Rob’s case, he has need for speed and is eager to get better in racing.

Recently, you could read about the Raptor from Rob’s friend and racing rival Thom Ollinger, and today we have another beautiful piece of steel that will stand out in our collection of “Your Amazing Bikes“.

Owner’s name: Rob Lloyd

Bike model: Lowracer (home build)

Tuning: It’s a Homebuilt, fillet-brazed cro-moly construction frame, with coroplast bodywork, and home-made wheel disks. I’m constantly trying to find the next marginal gain. For example, the first tailbox didn’t really seem to add any speed in my first 2 races this year. So, I just lowered the headrest and handlebars, and re-made the tailbox trying to make it just a bit more aero. I also added some nosework (also in coro).

Other special things: I wanted to try a higher bottom bracket than the carbon lowracers provide. Jury’s still out on whether or not higher is better. But, it works for me.

Why have you chosen this bike? I always build my own bikes. I’ve gone from a LWB (that isn’t fast, though I thought it would be), to a mid-racer that was fast, but not fast enough, now to this. I also needed to be able to keep up with Thom Ollinger and Jonathan Walters at the Blue Streak TT. We race together monthly. 

What do you like most on it? It’s fast. It really carves corners, too. 

What´s your favourite route you ride on this bike? My favorite course has to be Waterford Hills in Clarkston, MI where the HPRA is held (also the Michigan Senior Games). It was repaved 2 years ago and is an absolute blast to ride fast on. I also race the Blue Streak TT at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base monthly thru the summer with a best finish of 6th (out of 119) last August.