There are many YouTube video channels and Facebook groups in the world of recumbents, but podcasts? I only know of one that can be listened to on regular podcast platforms, and that’s actually an audio version of the Laidback Bike Report by Gary Solomon. And now, another one has been added to the list of recumbent podcasts. You can find it on Youtube and Spotify as well. Iit’s the chat of the Parker husband and wife team, founders and co-owners of the Cruzbike. After the two available episodes, which I’ve listened to in full, I can say it’s a very enjoyable listen. Of course, the podcast centers around Cruzbike, a manufacturer of recumbent bikes with a moving bottom bracket, but it will be of interest to all recumbent fans. In the first episode, we learned details about the company’s founding and development. In the second, we got a peek into the history of the development of classic upright bikes and recumbent bikes and how the initial idea became the Cruzbike of today. The episodes are titled so that it looks like Jim and Maria Parker are preparing not just a few more episodes but even more seasons. I really wish they could hang in there, that they would have something to talk about, and that we would see many hours of enjoyable conversation.

And just in case you missed them, I’m also including two recent recumbent video pieces from GCN (Global Cycling Network), cycling’s largest YouTube channel, that are specifically dedicated to the Cruzbike.

[UPDATE]: I have included a link to Spotify where you can find and listen the Cruzbike Recumbent Bike Podcast


GCN videos about Cruzbike