There aren’t many recumbent magazines. I am aware of only the Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine in the US published by Charles Coyne and then also some European ones from HPV associations like the German infoBull and Dutch Ligfiets&. Among them is also one from EHPVA which can be downloaded as pdf. The EuSupino is an annual magazine of the EHPVA – European Human Powered Vehicle Association. The 2020 edition has been published just a few days ago and there are many very interesting articles. Most of them are related to velomobiles, but you can find there also some about two-wheelers and recumbents in general there. And it is free to download for everyone!

What does that name mean? EuSupino? Eu stands for ‘European’ but is also Greek for ‘good’, as in euphoria. Supino is Italian for the supine position (lying on your back). For some cyclists, EU may have the meaning of the European Union, but please consider Eu as a reference to our continent.

I am glad my article about Alve Henricson’s solar velomobile has been re-published there and great looking is also a piece about the plywood homebuild velomobile from Lithuania in the style of hotrod cars I wrote about several months ago. This time was written by its builder Evaldas Virketis. I also like the one about Dijker semi-enclosed quad with linear pedaling. 

It is a great source of information as same as the previous two issues. It is worth downloading and reading it.