Innovations such as the new Delta tx e-trike, as well as the Bafang drive, which has been added to the range of motors, were the focus of this year’s dealer training event organized by recumbent bike manufacturer HP Velotechnik in Kriftel near Frankfurt, Germany. Sales Manager Thomas Wilkens reported that the dealers’ mood was highly optimistic.

In contrast to the well-known Scorpion and Gekko sports trikes, the HP Velotechnik Delta tx is designed as a lifestyle chopper and comes with a completely new frame concept with two rear wheels and a separable main frame. A stem construction up to one meter long offers plenty of adjustment options, and two freewheels work in the rigid rear axle.

Another new feature at HP Velotechnik is the collaboration with Bafang: “Bafang is now another drive manufacturer in our program, in addition to Shimano and Neodrives,” explains Sales Manager Thomas Wilkens.

At five training stations, the participating dealers gained their first practical experience with the maintenance of the Delta tx chopper. Managing Director and Head of Development Daniel Pulvermüller added a lot of background information, for example, about the rear axle design with two freewheels: This is unusual, he said. However, the dealers immediately recognized the potential of the solution, which is easy to maintain and more cost-effective than a differential.

Wilkens is delighted with the “highly intensive exchange” with the dealers: “We received a lot of praise for the Delta tx and, what makes me particularly happy, also exciting suggestions for further development.” There was plenty of time for discussion both on the theory day with an evening barbecue in the factory. During the workshop seminars, Wilkens emphasized: “It was really great how optimistic the whole atmosphere was on both days.” Recently, the industry has been in the media more because of the challenging economic situation. However, the discussions between retailers and manufacturers were no longer an issue at all at the dealer training. The feedback from the partners was highly positive. Wilkens: “In addition to the convincing products, this is certainly also due to our business model, which gets by without the currently tiresome topic of pre-orders and which sees retailers primarily as partners and not first and foremost as customers who have to purchase goods.”

If you are interested in the Delta tx, haven’t seen it yet and are from Europe, definitely come and try it out at the SPEZI show in Germany at the end of April. And if you’re not from Europe, come too. A visit to SPEZI is simply a great experience.

In general, it’s great to see recumbent manufacturers trying to train their dealers, pass on experience, get new ideas and get feedback. Each company does it a little differently, but the good ones are in constant contact with their customers, which is very positive.