We hear from all sides how challenging this year has been, how we have all had to limit ourselves in our activities, and that we are all looking forward to 2021. However, I like the opposite approach. Try to find the positive this year. And wish to have the next year even better.

What I was happy about in 2020:

  • In May I managed to officially launch RECUMBENT.news
  • I wrote 85 posts
  • Gained the first Premium Members who could read all my Premium Articles
  • I received support from six Greatest Partners and several others
  • I have commissioned work on two major new parts of this website, which I will present in the coming months
  • I became the Director of News in the Laidback Bike Report
  • In my work for AZUB, I was able to start working on important annual projects, which I usually worked on after the New Year
  • In all my projects I have written dozens of other blog articles and posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • I learned new knowledge in the field of Facebook and Instagram
  • I experienced the transition from winter to spring in a cottage in the mountains, which was a beautiful experience. All that with my family.
  • I finally visited my cousin in the Netherlands, where my two children learned to ride a two-wheel recumbent bike
  • And much more!

For next year, I wish at least so many beautiful things and even more kilometers by bike. And I wish you the same.