Here is the latest press release from HP Velotechnik about their new Speedmachine with the fast S-Pedelec e-assist from Neodrive.

HP Velotechnik’s fastest bike, the Speedmachine, already has speed in its name.

Now the recumbent manufacturer is going one better with the motor: The classic lowracer style recumbent bike is also available with an electric drive that provides pedal assistance up to 45 km/h (28 mph). And it will celebrate its world premiere at Eurobike 2022 next week.

The full-suspension bike is equipped with the almost noiseless Z20 RS rear-wheel hub motor from Neodrives. It develops a peak output of 1 000 watts with an efficiency of 85 percent. The energy for the drive comes from the “V8” series of BMZ batteries and provides 651 watt-hours of capacity.


Safety for the rider

Due to the low center of gravity with the battery mounted under the seat, the bike remains easy to handle even at high speeds. You can fully load the bike with up to four panniers, and the bike still pulls its course safely.

The S-Pedelec has hydraulic disc brakes as standard, bright lighting from Busch und Müller (IQ-XE, 150 lux), a large rear-view mirror, and a luggage rack for two bags.

Suspended front and rear wheels are essential for the Speedmachine, explains Daniel Pulvermüller, Head of Development at HP Velotechnik: “If you can reach such high speeds so easily, a vehicle has to be safe on the road. This is ensured by the Concept 5 headshock-like front suspension fork. The rear suspension works with No-Squat technology, effectively preventing deflection caused by riding forces.”

The DNM DV-22 coil spring suspension or, as an additional option, the Monarch RL oil-air shock from RockShox can be ordered for the Speedmachine S-Pedelec.


It’s all about the speed

One of the most significant advantages of recumbents over conventional upright bikes is their superior aerodynamics. The simple formula is familiar from sports cars: the lower, the faster. Physically, it’s about offering little resistance to the air. To do this, the surface must be as small and the shape as streamlined and elongated as possible.

When it comes to recumbent bikes, there is a second aspect when it comes to speed: the different heights of the bottom bracket and seating position. The designers’ trick: A seat significantly lower than the bottom bracket ensures particularly effective use of power.

An excessive bottom bracket is, so to speak, the stepping out of the saddle for recumbent cyclists. With the seat as an abutment, the pilot builds tension in the entire upper body and can then use his/her whole body strength to push the pedals.

The bottom bracket of the Speedmachine is at the height of 69 to 72 cm / 27 to 28″. The second number indicates the measurement with the boom extended for very tall riders. The seat height of the Speedmachine varies between 48 and 51 cm / 19 to 20″, and the particularly sporty BodyLink hardshell seat is a little lower. The airier and, in the case of the ErgoMesh Premium, also extremely comfortable ErgoMesh mesh seats have a height of 51 cm / 20″.

With an eye on aerodynamics, the developers at HP Velotechnik carefully selected the open-cockpit from the three types of handlebars available for recumbent two-wheelers.

It combines several aspects: A posture that offers as little wind resistance as possible; enough reach to steer safely even at high speeds; and finally, the non-slip construction allowing for a comfortable arm position that is particularly appropriate for longer distances.

The theory is reflected in the measured values. In internal tests with the Speedmachine S-Pedelec, the acceleration record from 0 to 45 km/h (0 to 28 mph) is 8.29 seconds. The data were recorded with a calibrated measuring device.

Exciting details in this context: The tester accelerated from 0 to 20 km/h (0 to 32 mph) in just 2.46 seconds. And at the start, just like an everyday cyclist, he still had one foot on the ground.


Type approval for EU and Switzerland

Parallel to the construction of the fast two-wheeler, HP Velotechnik pushed ahead with another development. The Hessians are now a motor vehicle manufacturer registered with the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany. The main advantage is that the bikes no longer have to go through the TÜV acceptance and approval procedure individually but can be mass-produced.

The Speedmachine S-Pedelec is a class L1e-B moped. This class is valid in the entire EU and Switzerland as well. The same applies to the second S-Pedelec from the company, the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec. Introduced for the first time ten years ago, it has meanwhile received numerous awards and become an innovation driver for unique developments such as the only StVZO-approved bicycle indicator, WingBling.

Aspects such as the braking distance under defined conditions had to be precisely measured for this type of approval. And the results are impressive. From 40 to 0 km/h (28 to 0 mph) it takes only 8,27 m / 27′ 2″ to stop the vehicle, and from 30 km/h (18.6 mph), exactly 4,80 m / 15′ 9″ to come to a standstill.


The intelligent hub motor is a crucial component

The Z20 RS rear wheel hub motor from Neodrives is used in both HP Velotechnik S-Pedelec models. It develops a peak output of 1 000 watts with an efficiency of 85 percent.

The support starts without jerking and is just as gently regulated when the maximum permissible speed is reached, thanks to intelligent programming. The result is a feeling of riding and pedaling like on a non-motorized bike.

Another advantage of this engine design is its ability to recuperate energy at the push of a button. When riding downhill, the system recharges the battery, and at the same time, this deceleration by the motor saves the brake pads.

The color display is mounted directly in the driver’s visual field in the handlebars’ middle. It features a touchscreen for scrolling through the menus but also remote control with five pushbuttons on the left side of the handle that is more practical for operation during the ride.

The Speedmachine S-Pedelec will be available from specialist retailers starting in Fall 2022, with prices starting at 8.690 EUR / $ 9,070. In addition to the standard powder coating in silver gray or crimson, unique colors such as rapeseed yellow that you can see on images and numerous other special requests can also be realized.


Tech info

  • Frame material: Aluminium 7005 T6
  • Wheel size: 20/26″
  • Suspension travel: 50 mm / 80 mm
  • Length: 180 – 210 cm
  • Height: 106 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Bottom bracket height: 69 – 72 cm
  • Seat height BodyLink: 48 cm
  • Seat Height ErgoMesh and ErgoMesh Premium: 51 cm
  • Weight: ab 28,5 kg
  • Max. load: 120 kg
  • Motor: Neodrives Z20 RS
  • Max. assisted seat: bis 45 km/h
  • Max. power: 1000 W
  • Max. torque: 40 Nm (on the rear wheel)
  • Assist levels: 0/80/160/240/320/400%
  • Battery capacity: 651 Wh
  • Range: 60 km
  • Additional: Colorful touchscreen
  • Availability: Fall 2022
S-Pedelec fast recumbent HP Velotechnik Speedmachine