Gary Solomon has another Laidback Bike Report in the works for today. And the content will be interesting again. Read below and watch!

A solar panel above and a small electric motor on the wheel of his AZUB Six bike was all the assistance Jack Butler needed to become this year’s Sun Trip Champion. The Englishman battled former champ Frances Jean-Marc Dubouloz who rode a WAW velomobile on a fiercely contested route from Lyon, France to the Sahara Desert in Morocco and back. Jack tells us all about his adventure racing history, the two wheeled bent he now loves and the highlights of this year’s nip and tuck race to the finish line.

If you’re starting to think about attending the 2024 edition of Cycle-Con this September we’ve got the guy with all the latest details. Mark Crews is the CEO of WizWheelz who produce this event every year. He joins me with exciting new updates on the exhibitors, venue and new policies for the largest recumbent show in North America.

Larry Seidman has a Sports Report on last month’s Waterford, Michigan’s HPRA racing event. Larry traveled there from his Colorado home to race and bring us this report.