Electrom: Is this the ultimate urban recumbent?

Electrom is a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) and Canadian Fabrizio has been working on it for over 20 years. He is getting close to first production batch of a vehicle which can be the ultimate urban recumbent of the future.

⭐️ On the couchbike through Canada

In 2002, the Canadian Brent and his Norwegian friend Eivind undertook a relatively short but very special and fun expedition on the east coast of Canada. Their means of transport was the so-called Couchbike. Read their story.

⭐️ 9000 km between disease and health

At the age of 64, she was injured and went through a martyrdom of surgeries and illnesses that brought her to her knees. However, she wanted to get back on her feet and chose a long and lonely path. A journey through beautiful and wild Canada on a recumbent e-bike.