The story of one happy quad rider

Riding with some handicap can be challenging and also riding with your beloved dogs can be a smaller or bigger issue depending on the size of your dog. Katja from Germany has solved the issue with Pony4 quad and a custom-built box for dogs.

⭐️ Exclusive double-interview with winners of The Sun Trip 2021

After 11.000 km / 6,835 miles long race of solar bikes through huge part of the Europe they finished with just 3 hours of difference. 3 hours after 33 days! What a battle! They both gave their best into The Sun Trip 2021 and the interview uncover many interesting details.

The final battle

Follow the drama of two velomobiles racing against each other in 10.000 km / 6,200 miles long Sun Trip Europe 2021. Till now, they keep an average daily covered distance of over 250 km / 155 miles.

⭐️ New quad wil be produced in the Czech Republic

Stephane is the owner of Katanga factory producing the WAW velomobile. He is going to produce also a new quad called Pony4 together with two other German companies. I have asked him about WAW, Pony4 and also Velove Armadillo they partly produce.

EUROBIKE 2020: Pony4 quad

In addition to velomobiles a prototype of the new quad called Pony4 appeared at the German HPV club booth.