I do not know how you, but we like the idea of faster bike than car. At least the vision that you can over take the car on (or better in) bike. As many of you know there is a race in Battle Mountain (USA) each year, where the racers are trying to get the highest speed possible.

To read more about this race on speed challenge

It is nice to see the pictures of the crazy fast bicycles, butmuch better is to see videos. That is the reason why we have picked-up the best videos about the world fastest bicycles and publish them here.
Let´s enjoy!

probably the best video which introduce the speed challenge and which explain all about high speed biking

and one more about girls and speed records

beautiful comment about bicycles and canoes 🙂 if you watch the video directly on youtube.com

incredible aerial video of worl fastest bicycles in action

this is a little bit out of the range, but you can see here, how such machine is builded by group of students