The next episode of the Laidback Bike Report will be broadcast today. Here’s what you can look forward to:

We are treated to a personal tour of the AZUB Bikes facility in the Czech Republic by Honza Galla followed by an amazing trike tour in the country. Next we have on the scene coverage of the recent human powered vehicle racing event at Waterford, Michigan. This includes lots of racing video, drone shots and interviews with race producers Mike Mowett and Dennis Grelk. We also talk to Lincoln MacDonald from the University of Toronto HPV Design Team, and racers Marshall Randall and John Simon. Marshall returns for an interview about the upcoming Cycle-Con 2023 event coming up in September in Xenia, Ohio. Lastly, we have an interview with the new 24 hour world HPV record holder Ruben Schütze. This youngster from Hamburg, Germany tells Josef Janning how it all came together last weekend on the track.