These few pictures and short text came from Peter Osterversnik from Slovenia. He is the only recumbent dealer there and he has a beautiful web pages

“I made this construction as a combination of Flevobike and Zockra MBB racer. The construction actually developed during the process, I did not do any drawings beforehand.

My wish was to create a construction that will allow me to build a light bike made of carbon. I do not like standard FWD bikes because of the chain problems, so I said I will make a MBB. As this principle fascinated me since I first saw it on the Czech meeting 3 years ago. I was never able to actually cycle with it though. Not even 10 meters…

This first prototype weight 16kg with everything on. There are some parts that could be made much lighter, so even the metal frame could be reduced in weight. I am still learning how to cycle with it. I can got a long distance, but not really relaxed yet. I will add a spring to the steering so that it will hold it in the center position. This way I will have to use force to put the steering to the side instead of holding it straight like I have to do now.

I think it will be a very good bike when it is finished. Construction seems ok. The fact alone, that I can actually cycle with it is a lot.”