Greetings Dear Steppers:

We’ve just uploaded another 4 newsletters (only the first 3 show up on the homepage, so you’ll have to read the 4th in the archives). On a sad note, we have lamentably had to come to the end of our trip now,due to some unforeseen financial difficulties, but have vowed to return to complete the rest of our journey when we have managed to secure some more funding.

The director of the Eco museum here has kindly offered to hang Quikey up as a display in the museum (hung from the roof, out of reach of fiddling hands) like a large dinosaur skeleton, already preassembled for when we return back for part 2 of the journey. Right now we’re knuckling down to work on our documentary, book and CD of Central Asian Music, trying to raise funds and equipment for our schools project, and trying to raise some more money to return for part 2 of our journey.

Do let us know if you can help with any of these! (the documentary, book, or funding). Anyway though part 1 of the trip is over, we’ll still keep in touch, continue to write updates, and look forward to sharing part 2 of our journey with all of you when the time comes 🙂

Though this part of the Journey has come to an end, do not worry, we will return to complete the last leg in due course!

Best Wishes

– The Steppe by Steppe Team

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