In last year one could see many velomobiles to change from only pedal powered to electric assisted. Well, if you look at it from the “eco” point of view,  it is a good step and the vision of greener transportation is even nicer with such velomobiles in use. Pannonrider is a new and much longer step ahead because it is a velomobile with integrated solar panels in its body and from what I know it is the first velomobile with such advantage.

It is obviously designed to be used in cities and in the traffic so it has pretty big ground clearance, most probably very good turning circle, full cover etc.The solar panels are integrated in the roof and on the rear side which gives it a very special look. Maybe not so aerodynamic, but this velomobile is not supposed to be a racing machine but more to be a practical vehicle for everyday use.

I was pretty much surprised by their modern web page, unfornatenuly only in Hungarian. It seems that Hungary starts to be pretty important part of the recumbent world because they have shown quite some interesting machines in last months.

More pictures can be fund on http://picasaweb.google.com/pannonrider.II/PannonriderIIMegvalosulas#

Official web on: www.pannonrider.com