I have found this picture somewhere on Facebook and later asked the owner of the brilliant machine how exactly do they use it on their farm. His answer is here under and they say in case they would once rename their farm the name would be “Pedal farm”.
“In this photo the triketor is setting the rows for planting garlic. By rearranging the shanks and sweeps the triketor will cultivate the garlic next season. I have a compost spreader that is pulled by the triketor. The triketor is very useful moving produce from field to packing shed 500-700lb in the bed and pulling a wagon.”
The Triketor is built based on the Lightfoot Cycles delta trike with huge fat tires and is used as one of the main machines on the farm. I like the idea very much. See the gallery on their Facebook page and look at all the other posts. They are very interesting.