Just a few days ago, a message came from the known US based recumbent manufacturer Terra Trike about the new e-assisted recumbent trike they call Charge. It is obviously based on their Maveric model, which is a non-suspended recumbent trike with 20″ wheels all around, direct steering with horizontal handlebars, a short turning circle, comfortable sitting position, but no electric motor. The Charge then also has eight speeds with classic cassette and rear derailleur, but also Promovec 50750-BL Rear Hub Motor that provides the rider with 43 Nm of torque, and the battery has 374Wh. Promovec is reputable Danish company producing motors for many other bike manufacturers around thw world. The motor Terra Trike has chosen has 350 W and 36 V plus also colorful display that is positioned on the left handlebar. The weight of the trike is 47 lbs / 21,3 kg and the load limit is 275 lbs / 125 kg.

With a hub motor, 43 Nm of toruqe and 374 Wh battery it is more supposed to be used in areas without some serious hills, however for the price of 3 249 USD it offers very good value. And, it is a good looking recumbent trike with a proven customer service from a known trike manufacturer which has a large network of dealers.