It’s great to see people tune their bikes. They express their personality and make the world of recumbents more interesting and colorful. But it’s even better to see people build their own machines. Their character is then imprinted directly into the bike itself, and the cycle seems to have gained a soul then. This is certainly true of the wooden tricycle Stewart built.

Another piece into the Your Great Projects series is here.

Project introduction
My name is Stewart D Moore, originally from New Zealand living in Berlin, Germany. I built a wooden recumbent tadpole trike in 2017. The material were mainly wood, hemp, epoxy resin, plastic, and metal.

Future of the project

The wooden trike has had many hours of usage. I plan to make a lighter version with a brand new YouTube series coming in 2022.

Inspiration for the project

I was inspired by ICE Trikes in England and Veloks Electric Trikes in Sweden. Other non-trike or bike projects that inspired me where Mini Boats and Wooden Canoes.

Time spent on it

I spent 208 hours on the project from design to end result.

Past experiences and similar projects:

No experience with making trikes at all but I’ve worked with wood all my life.

Project’s web:


Stewart D Moore and his wooden trike he has built by himself

Stewart D Moore

Year of birth: 24/12/1968
Residence: Berlin, Germany
Education: self educated
Job: Carpenter/ Photographer / Musician
Bike(s): Wooden Recumbent Tadpole Trike
Motto: A Sense of Speed