HASE has had lovely seat pads already, but people around Marec Hase have decided to improve them and have come with a VarioComfort Seat Cover. As with the adjustable headrest they introduced last year, also the new seat cover incorporates interesting adjustability. Read more in the press release from HASE.

Well padded, adjustable at six sites, and extremely back-friendly: The Vario Comfort seat cover makes recumbent cycling even more enjoyable.

The seat of a HASE BIKES recumbent trike – and the front seat of a PINO semi-recumbent tandem – offers riders a much more comfortable and back-friendly sitting position than a conventional bicycle saddle. However, some riders, particularly people with physical impairments or disabilities, can still experience back discomfort. This is why HASE BIKES has decided to take the comfort up a notch: “Our new Vario Comfort seat cover advances the comfort and adjustability of our standard seat to the next level,” said designer Paulo Mesquita, who played a key role in the design process. “It not only has an extended seat surface and three centimeters (1¼ inch) of padding but can also be adjusted at six different sites.” 

Stability and support through adjustable padding

The Vario principle is both simple and ingenious. Mesquita: “The seat cover can be individually adjusted to the rider’s shoulders, back, and pelvis. The section that supports the spine can be moved up or down. This makes it possible to achieve optimal seat ergonomics for tall, short, narrow, and wide riders.” 

Wedge cushions offer even better adjustment

In addition, the small wedge cushions that are available for use with the Vario Comfort seat cover can be attached at six different sites. Paulo Mesquita: “The cushions are secured with velcro. And it’s also possible to use two together, one over the other, to make the respective area even narrower.” 

Fits to (almost) all trikes and the PINO

The new Vario Comfort seat cover can be easily and securely fastened to the seat frame using velcro straps. “This means that you can use it with your old bike or trike just as easily as with a brand-new one. The seat cover fits to the recumbent seat frames of the HASE BIKES models KETTWIESEL, LEPUS, and TRIX, and of course to the front seat of the PINO,” explained Mesquita. The only models that can’t use the cover are the TRIGO and TRETS, because their seat frames have a different design. 

Available from October 2022