It is very sad to hear that Reverse Gear, producer of great clothing dedicated and designed purely for recumbent bikes is closing the business. They will sell the stock they have and won’t make new batch so if you want to renew some of your pieces or if you have planned to buy some stuff from them, hurry up!

Read more hereunder or in their blog post.

“Since 2008, Reverse Gear has offered specialized bike clothing to recumbent riders. Recumbent bikes are only a niche market and we’ve seen manufacturers come and go over the years, perhaps struggling with the realities of market size and economies of scale. Those kinds of pressures apply not only to the bike brands but to all the various other product providers and event organizers as well.

Perhaps it won’t come as a surprise to hear that we’re not going to be making anything new. We have decided that we can’t justify further investment in new lines, especially since our minimums were increased last year. Sadly, we just don’t sell enough to consider it viable.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers over the years. We have really enjoyed trying to make Reverse Gear a sustainable business. There is certainly disappointment at this outcome but no regret, we’ve had a lot of fun.”