I have participated in the first edition of the Sun Trip in 2013. It is a race of solar bikes from France in direction to the east. The first edition’s finish was in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. Two years later the race went only to Turkey and back due to the Russian-Ukraine crisis. In 2018 participants finished their epic journey in Canton, China, and this year they were supposed to go there as well. But the next crisis has changed the plan again.

The long Sun Trip has been postponed to 2021, but fortunately, there is the short one, Florian Bailly – organizer and founder of the Sun Trip – organizes every second year. It is not a race, it is “just” a ride and a great experience. Perfect for those who want to try the long one, but need to test the equipment first.

This year Sun Trip France 2020 started in Lyon on Tuesday 14th of July and will be 3000 km / 1864 miles long and I am happy to say I have the feeling there are still more and more recumbent riders among the participants. See the photos hereunder.

If you want to follow the group, the best place is Facebook, or the web itself.

Photos: Agence Zeppelin / Sun Trip / participants