HP Velotechnik just announced a new seat option for the 2021 season. Here is their press release:

It’s time for ErgoMesh Premium!

Starting season 2021 our new ErgoMesh Premium seat will be available for our Scorpions and two-wheelers. Individual comfort, body support, versatility – selected features include:
adjustable seat and backrest
proven OrthoFlex® technology for individual fitting
flat-fold and front-fold option
integrated pockets
reflective elements
multi-layered mesh fabrics
contoured design
integrated flag-mount

A mind-blowing revolution in seat-design! The ErgoMesh Premium will be an additional seat-option for Scorpions and two-wheel recumbents. Available at a surcharge of US$219 (119€; MSRP) with Scorpion and two-wheel orders starting season 2021. Compatible with older Scorpions/two-wheelers and ready for retrofitting in the beginning of 2021.

Feel free to spread the news!
But don’t forget: availability starts 2021.

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