Guillaume Devot is the owner of a french bike shop specializing in electric bikes called Déclic-Éco. He does many conversions and is also member of the team organising the Sun Trip a tough race of solar bikes I had a chance to participate in once. Actually he builds quite a number of bikes participating in this race.

In February this year, he has built a very unique machine. A conversion of the AZUB FAT trike with three electric motors! Yes! There is an engine in every wheel! We asked him few questions about this project!

Who is the customer and what type of disability he has?
He is a paraplegic person.

How does he plan to use the trike?
Essentially off-road use.

Can you compare its advantages and disadvantages to standard handbike with two wheels in the back and front-wheel drive?
I think for off-road use it’s better to have rear propulsion,  getting-on a high seat is easier than on a normal handbike. On a standard handbike, you can’t assemble a motor on rear wheels.

What kind of motors did you install?
I have installed modified Grin tech single side direct-drive motor in the front and Bafang fat hub motor in the back.

Why they are three of them on the bike?
Why not? 🙂  It is better to have all motorized wheels for off-road riding, but the rear one is not essential.

The handbike adaptation is a DIY project or is it a production piece one can buy from you?
No it’s just one shot. I’m waiting for official AZUB solution for another customer.