About a year ago we wrote about a futuristic recumbent concept of hungarian designer Kápolnás Gergely. The next concept of himis an electric assisted solar recumbent tandem.It is very hard to find any more infoon the web so here is what we could read on his presentation on the picture:

“The bike could be a long-range fast and comfortable traveling bike. For example, with our partner, we could go to the Lake Balaton (also called Hungarian See time to time, note of R-G) in one day, or even further riding on the national and continental bike-highway! It would be great to ride to the Black See, to the Lake Baikal, but at least to the Adriatic See. It is possible to take 2-300 km per day, without any special training prior that, and without any pain on bottom. There is a solar celled blanket, which can be stretched in the roof giving a lot of energy in sunny days for the battery electro-motor system. If you go downhill the engine works as a generator, and is charging the battery. If it is raining, we could stretch the dedicated covers to the sides of the bike. We could take many luggages as well.”

The concept in general looks a little bit like the tandem of Honza Galla and Karel Šebela whom did a tour around Europe in 2011 called Solar Tour. They plan to participate in The Sun Trip race of solar bikes in 2013. They plan to use two trikes, but this might be an option for them too. You can visit their race web here: www.czech-solar-team.com