Watch today’s Laidback Bike Report by Gary Solomon and the knowledgeable group of recumbent experts (of which I am a member 😜 ) We will discuss an economic way of mounting an electric motor to your recumbent trike as well as some velomobile topics.

If you want to add an electric motor to your existing trike David Hall offers some compelling and inexpensive solutions. David is the founder of Eco Cycles in Nashville and shows us how you can install their motors, batteries and displays on any trike. Then we travel to France where the next World Human Powered Vehicle Championships this coming July. Marc Le Sourd is the race director for this event and he joins us with a look at all the fun details. Florida was the location for two big bent events last month. The Big Honking Trike Rally and the Bike Sebring race drew hundreds of bents for fun and competition. Denny has these stories and more in this month’s Sports Report and Honza will be with us with more recumbent news.